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Having done a Law Bachelor’s degree in the Universitat de Girona, he specialized in the field of Data Protection, Banking Law, Civil Responsibility and Marriage Law, with a vast judicial work experience applied in Civil and Commercial Procedures.

For more than 7 years, he was involved in an international law firm as a specialized lawyer in the intervention and representation of individuals and companies on the civil and commercial sector, giving advice not only in the negotiation and contractual phase but also during the judicial proceedings.

He has made a wide variety of training and specialisation courses in order to be able to offer the client, either a company or an individual, a comprehensive and professional service. There is an interest in highlighting the most recent ones, such as the Interest Calculation of the Land Clause imparted by CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS FINANCIEROS (CEF); the New Regulation on Data Protection by EL DERECHO FRANCIS LEFEBVRE; the General Regulation of Data Protection and the publication of the Organic Law on Data Protection (OLDP) in the European Regulation carried out by the COL·LEGI D’ECONOMISTES DE CATALUNYA (CEC); and a Contest on Natural People: the Second Opportunity done by the COL·LEGI D’ECONOMISTES DE CATALUNYA (CEC).

Moreover, he also faces relevant issues in terms of Divorce, Separation and Marriage Annulment by constantly attending to conferences organised by the SOCIETAT CATALANA D’ADVOCATS DE FAMÍLIA (SCAF).

As a result, this all allows him to give to the client advice on how to write different types of Contracts, such as renting, distribution or service cover ones, as well as being able to represent the client in any Judicial Procedure and in front of the corresponding court.

He believes that the dedication and the study of the matter, along the client’s knowledge, is the basis to be able to give a quality advice. Honesty towards the client and being responsible responsibility when dealing with the situation are the basics he acts on with.

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