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Corporate Social Responsibility


IURIS GIRONA advocats have always demonstrated a full commitment to social corporative responsibility and inside this field, the provision of pro bono services acquires a special dimension.

Since the creation of the firm, its Founding Members were certain what the soul in IURIS GIRONA advocats was: the professional and social responsibility assumed by every law professional. In order to achieve this, along a serious exercise of the legal and judicial practice, the creation of a program within the firm has been required. Since its beginnings, it has been developed and upgraded to constantly match the growing of the company and its demands.

The Program Alma Pro Bono (APB) includes the main characteristics of the Pro Bono legal advice services provided by the Firm for free to non-profit Entities that have different aims and activities regarding charity, assistance, cultural or educational purposes.

Until now, IURIS GIRONA advocats has taken part throughout a personal and legal advice in multitude of different projects and entities, being remarkable its constant collaboration with entities that defend animals’ rights, people with difficulties and risk of social exclusion, as well as maintaining a tight collaboration with Global Humanitarian Movement organizations. All the things mentioned above have generated the collaboration in lots of different projects, being some of them the following ones: entities’ constitution, statutes’ modification, hiring advice, constant advice commercial, fiscal and labour wise, advice on subsidies from public entities, integral advice to entities that support entrepreneurship and as a novelty, advice to national and international non-profit entities in cases where human rights must be defended.

The program’s general coordination rests in the Pro Bono Committee, formed by three professionals belonging to the firm that, among their functions and responsibilities, there is one consisting in the approval of new projects and taking care of the services’ quality through some guarantee mechanisms previously established.

In case of being interested in receiving this type of advice, please contact with our office by sending an email to: or by telephone, asking for information about the Alma Pro Bono Program.

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