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Labor omnia vincit


IURIS GIRONA is a law firm that offers its clients comprehensive legal advice and strategic solutions, being committed to the goals of its customers, whether individuals or companies and serving them in a thorough and personalized way without intermediaries.

It is a law firm specializing in all fields of law, formed by prestigious, reputable and experienced professionals. The business project IURIS GIRONA is the result of the coming together of different renowned lawyers from Girona, serving their clients with dedication. It aims to move away from the traditional concept of a law firm, offering a high level of expertise to individuals and businesses, with appropriate fees reflecting the real economic situation.

The lawyers who form IURIS GIRONA have specialized knowledge of regulations and the Catalan, Spanish and European business environments and have earned the trust of a large number of global companies that rely on this office for advice and legal supervision of their business activities


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